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About me

I am cybersecurity student on PUT looking for experience in this field.

Work experience

Internship React + Flask web app Apache Web server deploy Integration with ERP


I am currently taking a break from my studies to gain real experience. In the meantime I'm going to pass one or two more online couses in cybersecurity.



The techonlogies I know and use aren't fitting for someone looking for work in securing IT systems. The reason for this is that I only recently discovered my passion for cybersecurity. For a long time I aimed to be backend programmer because that looked like an not too bad route for me. Now I know cybersecurity is what I want.




Contacting me

If you have received a pdf copy of my resume then contact information is included there.

If you have not, try contacting me on one of the channels written in "contact" subpage in the main part of my website.