About me

September 23, 2021
5 minutes read

What is this?

This is my old home page. I moved it here because I don’t like it but you may still read it

Hi, there

Welcome to my site. It’s not yet fully ready. My biggest hope for this site is that it will be usefull to someone. Check out “TODO” subpage to find my plans for it.

If you are here to stalk me or you’re doing background checks you will be intrested in “Contact” subpage.

Who am I?

I’m just a student at Poznań University of Technology (PUT). I study IT. You can ask me any question on matrix or mastadon.

I like doing a lot of computer stuff. Not really web fan. I’s not that web is not interesting. It’s just that it is wrong. You can read more about what I think about the web on other subpages (not yet implemented).

Currently I live in Poland. I hope to move to some nicer country soon. I lived in Netherlands for a few months I really liked it there. I’m willing to learn another language to live somewhere else. (RANT) If you think US is the best country, then have fun riding your 7-meter pick-up truck to McDonald’s 1000 meters from home. You don’t even know how far is that, do you?

What I do?

I like niche technologies. But not because of the niche aspect. Usually these are just better. I would very much like to replace HTTP with Gemini or monolithic kernels with microkernels. Knowing many of my wishes are not possible, I am forced to use GNU/Linux and Firefox like many others.

Naturally software I write will be at least gently steered in that direction. Don’t get me wrong. I am capable of writing most unethical software, but the more it is the more I will try to change that.

I also have some personal projects. My lazyness will prevent me from finishing them. Feel free to contribute to anything I do. I would appreciate if you contacted me first though.

Why this website does (…)?

A lot of CSS and HTML standards are really bad. I mean so bad it doesn’t make sense. Take for example “dark mode”. It seems this is new feature in CSS right?

No. It was there from the very begging of CSS. You can change your browser colors. With them a lot of websites change color. Firefox even provides switch to change your browser colors to fit system theme.

Then, noone used it. Absolutely noone. So web devs stopped testing for this feature. And websites started to break for those who used it. Who actually used this feature? People, who wanted to see web dark.

Along the years pressure for dark themes grew to the point where web devs (or more like designers and managers) couldn’t ignore it any more. Because of that new CSS media-query was introduced.

So now we have 2 ways of doing dark websites. If you count all browser plugins that were created over the years then 3. There is no way a dev could test a site for all three of them. Not only that. All three ways conflict with each other.

To sum up. There is no possible way to make your site work for everyone. It will never work. It’s no longer possible to follow standards. The only way to make less broken is to provide less features.